Monday, October 26, 2015

To Lease...or To Buy?

That is the big question floating around in my brain lately!

I am looking to get a new car. I currently drive a 2004 Toyota Corolla. Those things are built to last it feels like. While mine is not breaking apart week by week (trust me...I have had my fair share of HUGE repairs), I drive a lengthy commute to work. It's at least 25 miles there & 25 miles back home. So 50 miles a day times 5 days a week = 250 miles I am putting on my car a week...JUST driving to work! I know some other people drive far for work. But with the amount of snow we had last year in NY and the prediction for this winter, I want something a little bigger.

I have had my heart set on a CR-V. So I went and looked last weekend with my mom. I have done my research for months and it is a highly rated car. Super safe! Love that it comes with the back up camera feature. So we went and looked on Sunday last week and I sat in one. My mom for some reason thought with me being tall it wouldn't be comfortable to drive. Negative! But since I am the type of person that likes to shop around, I knew I wouldn't walk in and buy it. Apparently it is now cheaper to lease the car then to buy it out right at first. You can lease and the monthly payments are pretty cheap. The first dealership I went to was $229 a month for a 3 year lease. I didn't think that was terrible. If I bought it, it would be $399 a month. Again, not terrible but with my student loans I am trying to pay off, I would rather not have something that high. Plus they had a dark blue CR-V which I loved!

So I went to another dealership on Friday night and looked. It was the one my aunt & uncle buy all their Hondas from. Apparently I would only have to pay $299 a month with a .96% interest. The monthly payments to buy it would be $469. The lower payments of leasing are really appealing to me because it is something I can afford.

So I am kinda stuck. I am not sure to lease or to buy. If I lease I have the option to buy it out in the end. My brother asked his friend who does car auctions about it and he said that they almost "push" leashes on you because if you trade it back in, they can make more $$ off it. He is going to see if he can get me a CR-V at an auction with low mileage on it (like 3000). I am not opposed to having a certified pre-owned current car came off a 2 year least with 25,000 on it which is not terrible. (All the pre-owned certified ones at the dealerships have like 50,000+ miles on them ALREADY!). I almost feel like leasing and buying out in the end would be a better option. Yes, I might have to pay more then I would want to in the end but I am looking to make this my first big adult purchase. And its a big one!

I hope to have it figured out soon and in my car by the time the winter is really here! 

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