Monday, October 12, 2015

Life's musings

We are finally into the second month of school. It's hard to believe that summer flew by in some regards and in other regards, it dragged on. I still need to blog about my Disney vacation [because who does not love Disney?!]! 

The first month of school was a bit discombobulated. Teachers started 9/1 with professional development day, kids came the next day. Then we had a 3 day weekend because of labor day. Then it was a 4 day weekend because we had off for the Jewish Holidays. The week after that, we had Wednesday off for Yom Kippur. So it wasn't until September 28th that we had the FIRST full week of school. Crazy!

My schedule changed a bit the first month of school but it should be going back to my original schedule on Wednesday. Getting to know my one class of my French kiddies has been interesting. I only have 24 kids (15 girls and 9 boys) with 2 sets of twins in the class! Last year I had one set of twins. The boys are probably going to give me a run for my money because they still have elementary school behavior ("He took my pencil!"). Overall, it has been an interesting start.

I didn't pass my French CST test the second time I took it and I need to retake it. I could have taken it this month but did not feel prepared. So I decided to wait until February to take it. Give myself more time to study (which, let's face it, I need to start doing!!!). I can take it February, April, and July if necessary before they change the format for the 2016-2017 year. It is one of my goals to get it because once my friend Ronny, the other French teacher, retires, I would love to remain in the middle school and just teach the 6,7,8 French classes AND then some Spanish classes. I don't want to give up my primary love of Spanish! 

I am super excited though to be chaperoning the trip with Ronny to Quebec in February. Originally, she wanted to go the first weekend in March (because we would be gone Monday & Tuesday which is Foreign Language Week) but that is the weekend April is getting married. And I am the maid of honor in her wedding. So Ronny was gracious enough to change it to the weekend before! So, we leave on a Saturday morning and come back Tuesday night. I am super excited because I have always wanted to go. It should definitely be an interesting trip. 

I went to get fitted for my dress for April's wedding but the one she wanted is no longer available to order which would've been nice for David's Bridal to have told me when I WALKED INTO THE STORE as opposed to AFTER I tried on a dress somewhat similar to it. They didn't even have it in the store "yet" as they said so I had to try on the strapless version. Oh well. As long as I get one soon, it'll all be okay!

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