Thursday, April 2, 2015

Life Lately

When it comes to blogging, I have fallen way behind. I am just super swamped lately at school. Trying to plan ahead has been my BIGGEST struggle as a first year teacher. Like, ensue the panic attack I had at the copy machine today when I realized my next packet for my 7th graders might not be ready until Wednesday the 15th...and we go back to school from break the 13th. Here is to hoping if I magically send it in early next week the copy center gods will get it to me before than!

Things have been crazy. Last week I had a meeting with human resources regarding my certification. Essentially, she told me she wants me to take the French CST (part of the New York State teaching certification exams to get your license)....this month...AKA April 25th. Because when they hired me I had planned on getting certified in French (it was my minor in college and I have 16 credits in it).  I nearly choked because the Spanish one was super hard and took me three times to pass (because 6th graders care about analyzing poetry in Spanish). They want me to possibly teach French 7 & 8 next year and I would have to be on the pathway to certification in order for it to happen. She was talking about some loop holes. Basically, she told me to take the test. The next day, two of my department colleagues (the other French teacher and one Spanish teacher) were called into her office because they're both ELL (English Language Learner) certified and there is a need for more of them in schools. As they're trying to figure out next year's schedule, I guess they're trying to double dip within the district as opposed to having to hire another body. So I am basically going to have an inner panic attack until I know exactly what I am teaching next year.

At least I know I am teaching next year since we have a no cuts (no programs, no staff!) budget proposed so jobs are safe. Wahoo! My sweet little Corolla (also known as Cora) is driven 60 miles to work round trip a week. After it took me 2.5 hours to get home in a snow storm, I wanted a truck. I am looking to buying a new car this summer. Probably a Honda CRV. I can't wait to car shop!

I am also just filing my taxes now. Yeah....13 days before the deadline. Why? I lost the W2 from the school I worked at last year. Usually when all my tax stuff comes in the mail, I put it all together. Last year I had the fiasco when I owed $1500 (yeah that sucked!). So I was up until 1:30am Sunday morning looking for it. Then unwillingly my body woke up at 7 so I continued to look for it. I couldn't find it. I called the business office Monday morning and asked them to mail me a new one. Lesson learned...KEEP YOUR TAX CRAP TOGETHER AND FILE ASAP! NOT 13 DAYS BEFORE THE DEADLINE!

And as I am filing, I get to the health insurance section. I had insurance through the NY Health care market place May 1-August 1 last year. My insurance from school kicked in September 1st. You need some form to file for the taxes. The form apparently doesn't apply to me because you had to have Bronze, Silver, Gold or platinum....and I had catastrophic. UGH. So even though I have had insurance, I incur a $259 penalty. FML. I am having someone do my taxes next year.

I'm off to go have a hissyfit....not really, but I am just ticked since I owed $1500 last year, looks like I owe $750 to the state and I'll only get $250 back from the feds. LOVELY. #ihatetaxessomuch

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