Friday, April 3, 2015

{Friday Favorites}

Well since I am on Spring Break this week and don't have much to do (except you know, study for that wicked French CST or clean my room or lesson plan),  I thought I would take a break from the mini panic attack I was having while doing  my taxes and participate in a new, fun link up!

Link up with Erika, Narci and Andrea for this fun link up.

Tomorrow is this sweet girl's 6th birthday!
(Her preschool graduation June 2014)

It's hard to believe my niece Emma Grace is going to be 6! She was born when I was a senior in college. She is so full of life and sass. I love that kid! (My SIL tells me I may be Emma's favorite person ever because she gets so excited when she sees me....let's see if that is the reaction when we go to Disney in July).

#2 - My new earrings from Nordstroms! I have recently fallen in love with reading a blog called Pinterest Told Me To by the whitty Sheaffer and let's just say, it is a daily "Did I read it yet?!" She gives you links to so many deals and let's you know about stuff. She kept posting about these earrings and I ordered all three. Oops. Got them yesterday and can't wait to wear them today!

#3 - Being on vacation. Y'all, I know people say that teachers are ALWAYS off but this has been the longest SIX WEEKS. Plus, as soon as we go back to school, we have the New York state testing. It is much needed. This school year is flying by in some aspects and dragging in others. I have so much stuff I need to do personally that I was super excited when my principal waved us out the door 15 minutes early from our duty on Wednesday. This was totally me:

#4 - THE SNOW HAS FINALLY STOPPED!! My major goal is to switch out my wardrobe for the spring stuff. I also can't stop shopping. I picked up these cute dresses at Target yesterday. 

Also got it in black.

#5 - My best friend from college, Stephanie, lives in Georgia. She got engaged at the end of February to David, who she actually met online (I love that he says his "harassing" worked to get her to go out with him). They're getting married in Miami because all his family lives there. On Sunday, she called to ask me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. I feel so honored I am the only college friend she asked!! I cannot wait to stand up there as she gets married!

Time to go straighten out the fiasco with health insurance and my taxes. Hopefully I don't have ANY of these problems next year!!


  1. We have 34 days of school left. I'm definitely counting.
    Hope your break has allowed you to recharge!

  2. The Hangover clip - so funny! And I totally need Pinterest Told Me To everysingleday as well!