Sunday, April 26, 2015

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

I always swear I am going to be updating this good old blog...and then life gets so busy. This past week was no exception.

I had a huge French certification test yesterday morning. I have been planning to get my certification in French (especially now that it is only 8 credits in addition to my CST) and was pushed more because I think they are trying to make me teach 7th & 8th grade next year (I currently teach 6th grade French and its do-able because you can teach 1 out of your content area). Insert panic attack when I had a little less than 4 weeks to prepare. Y' took me THREE TIMES to pass the Spanish one (and only because I missed passing the 2nd time by 1 pt!).

I was so nervous yesterday. Considering I barely slept the night before, it was going to make for a fun day. Oh, and the GPS got me COMPLETELY lost even though I have taken over exams before (I should've gone the way I knew and not the GPS' way). But I still made it. There were only 5 of us in the room taking it and we did the listening on headphones. I actually liked that and think I got a lot of it right. The rest of the test was a bit ridiculous....the readings were so long and I just had to do my best because it is been 6/7 years since I took a French class. The writing was pretty easy and my speaking I think I did okay on. I don't get the results until May 22nd. But it does have me worried because the human resources person said there's an ad for my position out "just in case and no pressure." TALK ABOUT PRESSURE! I was the only one the interviewed originally because I knew both languages so here is to hoping that A). I passed B). No one applies and C). They keep me. I cried the entire way home from work on Thursday because I am petrified I don't have a job next year and I have been so happy to be in this wonderful district. I love my co-workers (not that I didn't love them in the last district I worked in) and my chair is super pleased with me. So keep your fingers crossed....this is going to be a long wait!

And to top it off, my chair was suppose to observe me on Thursday and he forgot...oops! He came in on Wednesday during my French class but they were working on their menus. He is coming  back tomorrow so I need to make sure the lesson is pretty top notch. We're doing colors and I had them singing on Thursday so you bet they will have to sing tomorrow. I really want to stay in this district because it's an EXCELLENT district and I love it.

And in other news, 2016 will be the year of least for me!! Many of my friends are engaged. My best friend April from home got engaged at the beginning of April in Disney. My best friend Stephanie (from college) got engaged at the end of February. Heather (also from college) and Eric got engaged in November/December. Olivia and Marc got engaged February 2014. Jade and Matt got engaged November 2012/2013 (I can't remember...she was the first to get engaged).

A few weeks after Stephanie and David got engaged, she called me to ask me to be in her wedding. Of course I said yes! I am the only friend from college in it. She and her fiance are getting married October 15, 2016 in Miami, Florida. I am super excited because it will be warm and I have never been to Miami before.

Earlier this week, Olivia texted me and said "10/21/16.....GET READY!" I just knew it was her wedding date! She had been toying with September/October dates and I am super excited she is getting on with the planning process. She is getting married at The Somerley here on Long Island so at least there is no plane fare involved. I do get to take off from school (or wherever I am) since it is a Friday and I am in that wedding too! Being a bridesmaid X 2 in less than 7 days.

Then about two days later, Heather texts me to tell me her date is June 4, 2016 in Santa Fe, New Mexico! Again, I have never been there so that will be an adventure and will have to miss school/work. Totally worth it.

After all these dates, I texted April and said "Please don't get married 6/4/16, 10/15/16 or 10/21/16!" I didn't want to come off as bossy but April is my best friend and I am in her wedding (although she hasn't formally asked yet....she keeps asking my opinion on bridesmaid dresses) and she goes "LOL No problem." She is planning on getting married at Disney so there's another wedding! Hopefully she will get married during the summer or a vacation so I don't have to take more time off!

With all these weddings coming up, I feel like my closet will soon look like this (with all the other dresses from weddings I have been in)

Maybe sometime this week I can finally sit down and do my Stitch Fix reviews for fixes 3 & 4 and spring break pictures. Because you know....summer will be here before we know it! 8 weeks from Thursday is the last day of school. And as excited as I am, I also have a TON to do before than!

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