Sunday, May 25, 2014

{Sunday Social}

It's another round of Sunday Social with the lovely Ashley & Neely. How is it already Memorial Day weekend?! Time flies!

I'm loving this week's questions!

{1} What is your favorite handbag you own?
Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE purses. Some girls love shoes. Purses are that for me.... (I HATE shoes!). I get purse add and have to switch them all the time. These are my favorites:
  Got this a few years ago for Christmas from my brother Brian with the matching wallet the year after. I think I haven't switched wallets since then! 

 It is like the other one's twin! ha! 

I also have a black one that is just leather from the MK outlet that I am currently although I might call it the black hole of death. I lose stuff in there!

 And this one (the picture is similar to what I have) too, another gift from one of my other brothers. At least they know I like purses!!!

{2} 3 things you would buy right now if money was no object?
- A mansion
-A vacation home in Italy
- Pay off my student loans. Seriously. I'll probably finish paying them off by the time my first born goes to collge!

{3} Name a place you would go right now if given a plane ticket anywhere?
Tahiti! It is so beautiful and tranquil. I would do a little happy dance to go there!

{4} What is the most valuable life lesson you have learned from blogging?
Guard your heart and trust your instincts. Many people can relate to what you're going through but you want to be careful.

{5} What is the most valuable life lesson you learned from a friend? 
After having a long conversation with one of my friends is going to throw you some major curve balls and obstacles that seem like nothing is ever going to be okay. But God doesn't throw things at you he doesn't think you can't handle so you just gotta learn to rise above. <3

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