Friday, January 24, 2014

The Golden Mile

I cannot believe it has taken me TWO MONTHS to write this recap of celebrating my 27th birthday with two of my best friends! Seriously, was I just that lazy? Nah, just too busy. But hey, better late than nevaaaa!

My birthday was on a Monday (11/18) and I was going to be stuck at school for Parent Teacher conferences. I couldn't think of a better way to have spent it, ha ha. Back in September, two of my girlfriends, Olivia & Shannon, were hanging out over Labor Day weekend when I was stuck working. They came up with the great idea to go to New Paltz (where we went to college) for the weekend of my birthday and do a bar crawl, aka the Golden Mile of drinks in New Paltz.

We ended up only doing Saturday night and coming home Sunday but that was probably for the better.

We ended up starting the night at The Gilded Otter Brewing Company for dinner and our first drink. I had a pumpkin beer. This place has the best fries!

Had to take a picture of this...anyone want a 50 Shades of Grey (Goose) Martini?!

After dinner, we went back to the hotel and hung out, getting ready before we went out. 

Our first stop of the night was this new place, Shea O'Briens. It was DEFINITELY called something else 5 years ago when we were seniors in college but we really liked the environment of it. 

After this, the next stop was P&G's. We should have gone to Murphy's but you need more than 1 drink to go there. P&G's was ALWAYS packed when we were out in college but it was pretty dead for a Saturday night (at least when we were there)

We then made our merry way to Snugs, a place I would have never chosen to go to in college. It always REEKED of weed or body odor but we had to check it off the "list"!

The next stop was Bacchus. We ended up running into a girl we went to New Paltz with, Shauna. What a blast from the past! 

Me, Shannon, Olivia.
I am so thankful I met these crazy girls at New Paltz! 

 Shauna, Me, Shannon, Olivia

We ended our night at McGillicuddy's and the fact that I was still standing by then was a miracle. It wasn't a pleasant ending to the evening with me getting sick (guess I am not 21 anymore and I am old!) but honestly, I am glad I spent the weekend with my two girlies having a blast. It was fun going back to our old stomping grounds because if it was not for tiny New Paltz, I wouldn't have met two of my best friends!!!

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  1. Better late than never right!? Looks so fun! Minus the sick part. ;)