Friday, January 24, 2014

{Friday's Five}

Happy Friday everyone!! I am so thankful that it is the weekend!

It's okay that I took a sick day from work because I had an interview for a leave replacement. And then I got my nails done, and took a nap before the dog trainer came. Priorities, people. Some me time was needed. Earlier this week was mentally taxing so I needed the day off! Let's hope they liked me in the interview....why is it that you always think of how you could have answered a question differently AFTER the interview is over? Oh well..someone will be smart enough soon to snap me up as a full time teacher.

I am SO EXCITED that I am going to Disney when I see my bestie April in April on my Spring Break!! I wish I could stay for longer but I fly there April 17th (Thursday) and fly home on Easter Sunday. I have the two days after Easter off from school but I wanted to be with my family for Easter. We are only going to Disney for a day (her uncle lives 40 minutes from the parks) but I am SO EXCITED!!! I am going to Magic Kingdom!

Maybe it is the romantic in me or the fact that I have been watching Say Yes to the Dress today..but I am SUPER excited for Sean & Catherine's Bachelor wedding on Sunday night. Pathetic? Yes. Go ahead and judge me. I had a THING for Sean ever since he was on Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette. He is just my kind of dream guy. Plus, his smoking body is something to look at! I am working at night so I need to free up some space on my DVR for this shindig!

I am loved my Naked 3 and Naked 2 palettes. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine spending that much $$ on makeup (I usually go to Target or the drug store for my makeup). But seriously, SO WORTH THE $$$. When I put my makeup on at 5:30am when getting ready for school, it still looks great at 8pm at night! I love the sample eye shadow primers they gave (Eden is my fav) so I plan on buying the Naked basics and the primer. Urban Decay, you have brought me over to the dark side!

Last week I had to go to the outlets to return something that I got my mom for Christmas & exchange something that I got my brother. I was leaving and noticed the new Walmart was open (plus how convenient...I needed to get dog food and the soft food my dog eats is ONLY sold at Walmart or hard is it to find Pedigree puppy?!) This can be dangerous because I just throw random things in my cart I don't need (I am more guilty of this in Target than Walmart). But this was the best $20 I have spent in a LONG time at Walmart. Makes me really excited for the Luke Bryan concert in September!!

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