Friday, January 10, 2014

{Five on Friday!}

Happy Friday everyone! I am SO thankful that today is FRIDAY because this has been ONE long week back to school. Granted we had a 2 hour delay on Tuesday because of ice and I had a day off yesterday for personal reasons and I had a half day today because I had a workshop in the morning, it was rough. 

Back at it this week for another round of 5 on Friday with Christina @ Carolina CharmApril from A. Liz Adventures, Natasha from Hello Happiness, and Darci from The Good Life

I am SOOOOO excited my Naked 3 Palette arrived from Urban Decay!! I have been wanting it for about 2 weeks and everywhere was sold out. I ordered it last Friday from the website, it shipped Tuesday and I got it today. HAPPINESS!! Now, to trying it out. I don't have any of the other Naked Palettes (maybe I should have gotten those before this) but hopefully I will fall in love!

Next week is quarterlies. Instead of doing midterms, the school where I work does one test a quarter (with the 4th quarter quarterly as the final). You're not suppose to give tests on those days (each subject has 2 days to give it) so it'll be a breeze, hopefully, with 2 days of me doing the tests read. It always helps when you boss tells you how much she appreciates you organizing it for the ENTIRE department because it makes her life easier. 

Ladies, it is #Juanuary! aka The Bachelor with Juan Pablo is on! Now, I have been suckered into watching these shows since way back way (side note: they are in their 18th season!) I was a fan ever since Trista was the 1st Bachelorette and she married Ryan (I had such faith when they got married they would last and they're going strong). I have no idea why he picked the free spirit girl (her in her barefeet was SO GROSS). I really liked the girl who was the pediatric nurse, I think that's Nikki.
It has been on my bucket list of life and also on my 101 in 1001 list (post to come soon!) to do The Color Run. I had various friends do it last summer and they had a blast. After all, why wouldn't they call it the Happiest 5K on Earth? Two of my friends, Sarah and Skye, who did it said they weren't hardcore running it. They did it at a leisurely pace and had so much fun. That's what I want to do! But in order to build up some endurance and not keel over and die at the starting line, I need to start working out more. So I guess I am going to have to SUCK IT UP with this cold weather and go outside because Shannon & I (and whoever else wants to!) are going to do it this summer!!


I have had my iPhone 5s for about two months and my chord started fraying. WHAT?! I sent my friend Mike who works for Apple a text and he told me to come in. He got me in and out with a new chord in under 5 minutes! Perks for having a tech savvy friend!




  1. I did the color run last year and it was so much fun!

  2. Coming from an iPhone 4, I was used to a plug I could use with my phone AND iPad. Now, with this special little iPhone 5 plug, I have one cord and I've already ruined 2. I understand!

  3. Cute blog!!! I'm also a teacher and was hoping for a delay this week. ;)

  4. I just got my Naked3 this week, too! I couldn't believe how quickly Urban Decay got it to me when both Sephora and Ulta were sold out. Let me know if you find any cute tutorials for how to use it... (:

  5. I'm loving this season of The Bachelor already!! I am looking forward to 8pm...

    Happy Monday! :)