Sunday, August 18, 2013

{Sunday Social}

1. What is something you've always wanted to do but are afraid of?
It is one of my goals to run a 5K or a half marathon. This is coming from someone who hasn't been to the gym in a month yet takes her puppy on walks every day. It's on my bucket list. I want to be able to say that I was able to do it and feel better about myself. Of course, I hope this doesn't happen:

2. Where do you see yourself in five years?
In five years, I will be 31 approaching 32! Yikes! That's "old". I hopefully will be married (if not, then engaged), teaching Spanish somewhere in the suburbs whether it is up here in the North or down South, and maybe a kid on the way? Who knows? The future is wide open and I am excited yet scared for it! 

3. What are you looking forward to before the end of 2013?
Not turning 27...haha! Maybe another trip somewhere? 

4. What are your hopes for your blog?
I would love for it to grow more. I don't mean sponorships. I just hope people can "connect" with it and enjoy my random ramblings. The blog world is a fantastic place and I love "meeting" and connecting with people through it. I wish there were more bloggers in my area for a blogger meet up (as crazy as that may sound). I would also love to attend some sort of blogging conference/workshop if those even exist (I know there's blissdom)

5. Do you always see yourself living in your current town/city?
Gosh, heck no! Don't get me's a cute town. But when you grow up here, you get your fill of it. I hope to move somewhere different to have a change in my life. 
6. What is your morning routine?
My morning routine is I turn off my 5-8 alarms (yes, I have an actual alarm clock that I set and then the alarms on my iPhone) before finally crawling out of bed. I need to get a cup of coffee and before I am able to begin functioning. I don't brush my teeth and wash my face until I shower. Unless I am getting ready for school (I shower the night before), then I wash my face and brush my teeth after I have eaten my breakfast (or just drank my coffee) and gotten dressed. 
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  1. Running a 5k would be awesome. I ran one a couple of years ago and it felt good to accomplish something! New follower from the Sunday Social! if you get a chance, stop on over and say hi!

  2. I also use a "real" alarm clock. I've never trusted my phone and it's just too much work...

  3. I am also a teacher who is obsessed with Disney AND loves wine! Can we be friends? Haha. I am currently training for a 10k...if I can do that you can defiantly do a 5k...promise!