Saturday, August 31, 2013

{Five on Friday}

I am back linking up with the lovely ladies for Five on Friday, my last of my summer vacation! Waaaahhhh!! I can't believe summer is over. Speed by and come again!

Link up with Natasha, Darci, Christina, and April today!

Yesterday was my staff development day. We went in, sat in a meeting for 2 hours, sat in a faculty meeting, waited almost 2 hours for my department meeting. It was so weird to be back at school! At the end of our department meeting (I'm in the foreign languages department), she handed everyone a tote bag with all their supplies for the year. Aka, a goodybag full of teacher supplies! Pens, pencils, erasers, dry eraser, dry erase markers, etc. It was probably ordered for the school and distributed but hey, I'll take all this free stuff!

I REALLY want to go to Disney. Like bad! I haven't been since August 2011. I really want to go over one of my school breaks next year. Preferably in February to escape the cold!

My chairperson finally posted my schedule today of what classes I have...since I minored in French in college, she is going to utilize me in the French classes as the TA. I thought I was going to have no Spanish but I have 4 of each! My schedule is not that bad: Period 1 French (A days), Spanish (B days), off 2nd, Period 3 - Spanish B, off 4th, Period 5A French, 5B french, off 6th, Period 7 Spanish A, period 8 French A, period 9 French A. I like that I am going to be able to practice both languages!

Who doesn't love a Victoria's Secret panty sale?! I went today before work and got 7 new pairs for $26....not that I needed them or anything.

My cousin Lisa's husband Bryce just finished his 3rd children's book Pomodoro the Penguin goes to Italy. He has written two others and this one is ranked #2 in the top children's ebooks for Kindle about Europe! Go Bryce!! Please check it out (and his others...his first one is currently available for free on Amazon!)

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  1. I love that you're teaching French! I was a French minor in college, too! :) I don't remember NEARLY enough to teach anyone, but I do love being able to recognize some words and such from time to time :)