Monday, August 1, 2016

Olivia's Tropical Themed Bridal Shower

The current theme to my life is "27 Dresses." 2016 is the year of weddings, bridal showers and bachelorette parties for me. It's convenient that many of my friends decided to get married this year. And for the most part, the weddings are spread out!

Yesterday was my friend Olivia's bridal shower. Her wedding is my 4th for 2016 (and I am in one 6 days before hers in another state!). Olivia has been one of my best friends since we met at New Paltz. She is just one of the sweetest people I have ever met and I love her family.

Shannon and I are her co-maids of honor. Including us, there are 4 other bridesmaids and we all went to school at New Paltz. :) They say you go to college and you meet your bridesmaids. Well, Olivia also met her future husband there!

Shannon and I helped Olivia's mom plan the shower (along with Olivia's aunt). Since Olivia and Marc are going to Hawaii for their honeymoon, we thought of doing a tropical themed shower. There was a lot of work that was put into it but I would do it all over again. I love being creative and bringing Pinterest ideas to real life!

The frame I made them

Cocktail cards & Advice for the bride & groom! 

Shannon & I always told Olivia at her bridal shower, we were going to do a giant cookie just like in Bridesmaids. We were originally going to bake it, but for time purposes and our sanity (because we have so much going on), we just did a cookie cake. SHE LOVED IT! 

The beautiful bride!

The bride!
The tropical banner in the background I got from this seller on Etsy. PDF, printed, laminated and assembled! (Found it on Pinterest originally)  

Another shot of the banner!

This was one of my gifts to Olivia. I had a personalized sign made for them with their wedding date. I found it from this seller on Etsy. SO beautiful in person!  I highly recommend!

When she opened this gift from her mom, she started crying. It's the perfect cake topper! A bride & groom, plus 3 black cats. Olivia and Marc have 3 black cats. What would have made it more perfect was if one of the cats on the topper had only 3 legs, like one of their cats. 

Her chair!

We did things a little differently with games. Everyone started off with 7 raffle tickets (we had 7 prize baskets). Each time you wrote an advice card or drink recipe, you got a raffle ticket. If you won first place in a game you got 6 tickets, 2nd place got 4 and 3rd place got 2. At the end, we picked out a winner and they went home with the basket! We had a wine basket, 2 beach themed baskets, 2 spa baskets, a kitchen basket and a chocolate & coffee basket. So much fun! 

The beautiful bride & her mom! 

Shannon made this sign! 

My neighbor loves to bake and I had her make these tropical themed cake pops. They were a huge hit! 

Olivia, Me, Shannon (the other co-maid of honor) and Amanda, another bridesmaid!
More gift baskets! 

Thankful that New Paltz brought us together! 

The beautiful bride-to-be & I! 
The happy couple! 

I know that their wedding on 10.21.16 will be a blast!

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