Tuesday, January 13, 2015

{The Bachelor: Prince Farming}

It is no secret that The Bachelor (and The Bachelorette) are my guilty pleasures in reality TV. I have been watching since the beginning and can remember telling my mom when Trista was the first bachelorette "Oh she is so going to pick Ryan." 90% of the time when its down to the final 2-3, I am right as to who the person picks.

Before getting into this current season, here is who have been my favorites:
Sean Lowe!

I loved him when he was on Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette! I thought he was a true, genuine person. The kind of guy I would go after. I can definitely see his marriage to Catherine lasting.

Side note, I discovered his sister Shay's blog the other night. What a small world! I love that her family is in China adopting right now. Such good people!

Trista Sutter. The First bachelorette! Love her!

Jake Pavelka.

He chose Vienna, who I despised on that season. They eventually broke up. I would marry him in a heartbeat.

Desiree Hartstock. Another genuine person. She would have been a good fit with Sean. I wish (and I think they are) airing her wedding to Chris.

There have been others but not anyone who I liked as much as these. Please, can we discuss the snooze that was Ben (who chose that psycho chic Courtney)? Or the horrific Juan Pablo. Barf.

Okay, bring on this season...

Hello Prince Farming! No, that was not my comedic golden line. Some genius mind at ABC thought of that. I thought he was a genuine person. And I feel in a way his heart was broken on Desiree's season. 

Things to discuss...

-30 women?! I mean Juan Pablo had 27 but I had to laugh when the first 15 thought they were it! Have you NOT watched the show before?!

-The chick that brought the cadaver tissue container. Reegan. Really? Want to make a good impression? Such a tacky entrance!

-Amanda, the ballet teacher, who gave Chris the secret admirer note. Kinda cute. Kind of creepy. However, I wouldn't send my child to the dance school where she taught!

-Tara, the drunk. I cannot believe Chris gave her a rose. I would have sent her right home! I just saw this right online and couldn't stop giggling:

Who are my favorites?

I could see these two being two of the finalists.

Sidenote: Due to a crazy school schedule/creating midterms, it took me over a week to post this!! This week's recap to come sometime soon!! If you haven't visited, Pinterest Told Me To's blog, she does a HILARIOUS recap of the show! Plus, she also gives great links to some super awesome sales/what she buys/wears. SOOOOOOO glad I found this blog!

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