Monday, January 19, 2015

{Prince Farming is so Charming - The Bachelor Episode 2}

I watch The Bachelor as my guilty pleasure. I find myself laughing at these people on TV for the way they act. Especially hysterically crying that they never got to go on a date with someone that they deemed to be "their future husband." Really, after knowing him for 6 hours he is going to be your future husband? Ha, no.

So can we discuss how Kimberly, the yoga instructor who is actually from where I live, got a second chance? Prince Farming, you are a sucker. The first group date was "Show me your country." Umm, riding tractors in bikinis in LA is country? No. Think again, ABC. I bet people who saw these chicks doing this where like "What on Earth"?

During the group date, Mackenzie got the one-on-one time with Chris. I find her quite odd. First there was the thing about noses. Okay, odd. Then, she says she believes in aliens....FREAKSHOW. And then just blurts out that she has a kid. "I have a kid." Well, yes, that can happen to anyone and you're not the first person to go on the show with a kid, sweetheart. Chris needed to RUN FAR from her. How she is still there I don't know!

Megan got a one-on-one date and I don't know. There's something about her that I don't like. She did open up about losing her father recently and I felt bad for her. But she seems so deeply head over heels in love already and its just the beginning.

The next group date was shooting zombies with paint balls. And this chick right here, she by far takes the cake as the craziest person on this episode. #crazyeyesforthewin  Something tells me she has done this before.

Poor Jordan was drunk. I mean like drunk that she was doing gymnastics and honestly I thought she was going to injure herself. 

Before the rose ceremony, Ashley tells the girls she is a virgin and Mackenzie thinks Chris will be all over that and she can't hide that she isn't one because she "has a kid." I saw this online and just died laughing:

Poor Jordan was so drunk by the end and didn't get a rose. It's okay...go have another drink!

And poor Tara got no rose.

At least Chris' season is waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy better than Juan Pablo aka Juan Whiney's season. I can't wait to see the chaos/hilarity that ensues on episode 3.

And I got my first StitchFix in the mail! Can't wait to review it this week!

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