Monday, November 4, 2013

Puppy Training

My puppy Lily is now 6 months old. To say she has given me a run for my money is an UNDERSTATEMENT. That puppy is quite a handful!! Sometimes I wish I could go back to the first few weeks when she was sweet and innocent. Now, she is somewhat of a crazy maniac.

The place where I am taking her for puppy kindergarten (as they call it) is a place my friend Steph recommended. She used to groom my other dog before she moved to VA with her now husband. They do behavior classes and agility there. Oddly enough, it is called "Doggie U". There are only four puppies in it (there should be 5 but Harry the Corgi didn't come to the last class). The instructor, Kathy, is teaching us how to have the dog sit, down, stay (sit-stay, down-stay combos), leave it, come, walking on a leash, etc.

Lily seems to be grasping the concept of it. She'll be good in class and for awhile at home. Then, usually when I am at work she acts like a brat (according to my mother). She will bite at your feet when you're just wearing socks or shoes. The bitter apple spray to deter her away is not working. I try to distract her with a toy but I swear Lily has ADHD in dog form.

Last weekend my mom bought bone marrow bones when we were grocery shopping because everyone has been saying to give Lily a bone to help with the chewing (she also likes to bite my hands. Or she will bite the bottom of your pants). She had it in the backyard and my brother Brian thought she was eating acorns again (she has done it in the past). Lily turned around, jumped up on him and bit him. She didn't break his skin but ever since then, my mom has been on edge with the dog. I asked the trainer about this and she said since that would be considered a high value treat, you should only give it to her in the crate and when she is done, throw it out. To be able to get it to throw it out, you gotta distract them with something else. I told my mom this after class and she goes okay. Tonight (or Sunday night), she gave Lily a bone to chew on while I was at work (I have no idea what kind it was). I took her out before I was going to bed, and put her in the crate. Apparently after I went upstairs, she was barking so they let her out and my mom says that she attacked her & my brother Brian. I am just frustrated because I tell her WHAT the instructor TOLD me to do and she DID NOT DO IT.

What am I suppose to do with this behavior? I almost wish I had of started puppy classes EARLIER (like August) but who knows if this would have made a difference. All the dogs in Lily's class are around the same age as her. I am frustrated because Lily usually listens to me but when I am at school, she is in her crate (because no one is home during the day) and when I am at work, she is in either her crate or she is out (but confined to the family room, kitchen and the backyard. I take her for a long walk each day when I come home and I play ball or frisbee with her in the backyard to tire her out. This dog has toys up the wazoo.

Truth be told, I am afraid my mom is going to make me get rid of her. Honestly, I will cry if she does. I don't think it will happen because I am busting my butt to get her to stop all her bad behaviors. I think the issue with the bone is she is being food possessive/food aggressive. I am trying to hand feed her the kibble (to teach her not to bite the hand that feeds her). But I am slowly losing patience.

I am open to any suggestions you guys have. It is an issue that needs to be resolved now. I just may have to have a one-on-one consult at my house with the trainer for my mom to be calmer and understand how the dog needs to be trained.

And because what post isn't a post without a picture of Lily:


  1. The minute you carry the puppy home you might as well start to show it obedience. It is completely correct that to educate a grown-up pet is exceptionally hard. The puppy can effortlessly take after your headings as it has not authored awful propensities.
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  2. She's adorable. Nice catch. Thanks!
    By the way, training would be easy to handle if you already established your role as a leader. Based on experience as a trainer, everything goes absolutely smooooooth afterwards. :D
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