Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's Okay Thursday

Here I am linking up with Neely & Amber for the last couple of weeks of It's Okay Thursdays. Normally at this time I would be in school but today was a much needed mental health day. (And yes, I took it on a Thursday as opposed to a Friday for various reasons).

So, here's what is okay with me this week:

It's Okay...

...that I am taking a mental health day from school today. Sometimes you just need it with the end of the year approaching!

...that I bought a bottle of Skinny Girl Sangria last night and fell asleep watching TV because I had some of it. Again, needed! be jealous of my mom going to Disney with her job until Tuesday. So not fair! I wish I could go.

...that I am so happy that my BFF April had an awesome day at her new job in Florida and is starting to cover a murder trial tomorrow! (She's a court reporter for their paper). So happy for her. :)

...that my dress for my cousin's wedding came in yesterday...and now begins the crunch time to get it to fit in my hip area. Or I am in big trouble. continue to put off cleaning my's okay, it'll get done soon!

...that there are only 18 MORE DAYS LEFT OF INSTRUCTION IN SCHOOL!!! June 24th (the last official day we have to be there) is slowly but surely approaching!

...that I plan on buying "Safe Haven" on DVD and watching it by myself. #singlegirlproblems want to go on another cruise but this time go with my girlfriends!

...that I still miss my baby girl Shadow. I miss coming home to her waiting for me at the front door and barking. I want to find another puppy/dog this summer.

...that my favorite manager at work, who just left, will always refer to me as "the girl who breaks herself." Who else manages to get hurt almost EVERY shift (not on purpose) and gets their elbow stuck in a highchair? 


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