Monday, May 6, 2013

Cinco de Mayo weekend!

I hope everyone had a wonderful time celebrating Cinco de Mayo! This weekend, like I said yesterday, I went to visit my friend Olivia & her boyfriend Marc with our friends Shannon & Amanda. It was a very much needed weekend away from school/work. I needed some girl time!

Friday night involved dinner at a restaurant called Rancho Grande with margaritas that were so delicious. The service, however, was HORRIFIC. It wasn't even that crowded but it took the waitress forever to come over to us. There was a table that was seat AFTER us and got drinks before she came back to us. Eventually, we got some delicious drinks and enjoyed catching up. 

Crazy picture of me with the guacamole. This guy just came over and asked how we liked it, so we said mild. We should've asked if it was free because they charged us $11.95 for it and we didn't end up eating it!! We did say something and got it taken off the bill.

 Olivia and I in the awesome cutouts they had on the way out.

Later that night, we ended up going to two different bars, one of which had a roof top bar. That was pretty cool! Although I would have probably enjoyed it more if it wasn't a bit chilly out. And you know you had a good night when you were eating in your sleep at the diner at 2am...yeah, that happened!

Amanda & Olivia

Shannon & I
Me & Olivia

Olivia, Shannon, Me, Amanda.

Overall, it was a wonderful weekend! I miss seeing these girls because of distance or hectic work schedules. But I cannot wait til we do it again. 

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