Thursday, November 24, 2016

Wedding Season

Long time, no blogging. Do people even read blogs anymore? I sometimes feel like I don't have anything EXCITING going on in my life to blog about so why should I write anything? I am not trying to be a professional blogger but have something to look back on memories.

In the past week, two of my friends got married. Stephanie got married in Miami on October 15th and then 6 days later,  Olivia got married  in New York!  That is in addition to Heather who got married in New Mexico in June and then April who got married in March at Disney. Plus my friend Jeannette is getting married in December of this year, Jade is finally "eloping" in May 2017 and Amanda who got engaged in September is tentatively set for August 6, 2017! Seriously, my life is like 27 dresses...always the bridesmaid never the bride. HAHA.

So Stephanie's wedding in Miami, Fl. Nope, she is not from here. She lives in Georgia but her husband David's family moved back there (they lived in Georgia when they started dating). It was an outdoors wedding and it was hot! I flew down on an early morning flight on Friday to Fort Lauderdale and rented a car to drive to Miami. Listen, we New Yorkers are CRAZYASS drivers. And I am one to admit, I do have a tad bit of road rage when people tailgate me. But in Miami, they are CRAZY!!!

Friday night was the rehearsal and then the dinner. Saturday morning, we got up bright and early. I had to have coffee if I was getting hair and makeup done! Stephanie made us appointments to have our hair and makeup done which was nice. I also ended up having my eyebrows done too to make them darker since they are like blonde and fade out at the end. It was so worth the $$!

Stephanie, Danny and I at the rehearsal dinner

Taking some pictures before the whole thing was about to go down!

Me, Christina (Steph's Sister), Stephanie, Ashley (Stephanie's SIL) and Candace

New Paltz for life!

Bridal party selfie! 

Now let's get to the actual wedding! It was outdoors and RIGHT before we were getting ready to walk out, it began to pour. Go figure! They say it is good luck if it rains on your wedding day. The backup plan was to have it indoors where the reception would be but Stephanie was really insistent on having it outside. It ended up stopping and people dried off all the chairs. So we went on with the outdoor wedding!

Me walking down the aisle

I made this charm for Stephanie. Her PaPa was someone she had a close relationship with and it would have meant the world for her to have him there. That bowtie is one of his and I made the charm so he could have a part in walking her down the aisle. I gave it to her at the rehearsal dinner and she bawled like a baby. Mission accomplished! 

Stephanie and her dad walking down the aisle

 Mr & Mrs.Vazquez! 

I think my favorite part of their love story is that they met on line and Stephanie was hesitant to go out with David. He kept "harassing" her as I like to call it until she finally gave in. And I think it was her best decision yet. In the 11 years we have been friends, she has had a lot of loves but I knew he was the love of her life! 

Hottest bridal party! 

So glad to have been a part of their special day. David just never smiles, haha!

6 days later, I was in another wedding this time as a co-maid of honor! Olivia's wedding was on Long Island so thankfully no travel involved! (Some of the pictures from Stephanie's wedding were the professional ones but the ones from Olivia's I haven't seen yet. I can't wait to see those or the video! These are just ones that have been shared on Facebook.)

Beautiful bride! 

Mother & Daughter looking #flawless

The beautiful bride & I before pictures & the ceremony

Heather, Shannon, Amanda, and I

Shannon (the other maid of honor), Eric (Marc's brother/best man) and me walking down the aisle.
The best part is when we walked in, the room started whistling because he had the both of us on his arms. #bigpimpinforeric

Daddy P walking his baby girl down the aisle! 

The newlyweds sealing it with a kiss! 

This wedding has been a long time coming! 

Love these ladies! Amanda is getting married in August in Wisconsin, where her fiancé Nick is from, so we get to go there and make a mini vacation out of it! 

Loved our bridesmaids dresses! They were from Azazie and we got to pick any style we wanted in floor length in that color as long as we didn't have a one shoulder. That was Olivia's only specification! 

New Paltz Love! 

I got to see Heather in June at her wedding in New Mexico and I was SO excited to see her for two more days in October at Olivia's wedding! She lives in Texas so we all want to go visit her soon! Just love her! 

The bridal party! Sarah and Jade were stuck in traffic earlier in the day coming from Queens to Long Island when we were getting ready. This was in the lobby of the building where Olivia and Marc tied the knot. It's a GORGEOUS venue. I also think this would make a great Christmas card! lol. 

Soul sisters! <3

Hottest table! 

Just love everyone in this picture! 

Me and Emily.

One thing I loved about Olivia's wedding was it was like one big college reunion. Marc and Olivia met at the Beer Olympics in New Paltz (yup, he was a *little* too old to be at a college party). I have some of the BEST memories with these people and to have another night at Olivia & Marc's wedding with them was incredible. I had THE BEST time at that wedding! 

These were weddings 3 & 4 of 2016! I have Jeannette's wedding in December in Philadelphia so that will make 5 weddings for 2016 and Amanda's in August in Wisconsin! My wallet is thankful for a tiny break! 

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  1. There's nothing wrong with blogging just for the memories :) I do it!
    I love the bridesmaid dresses from the first wedding, with the blue/red color scheme.