Saturday, August 29, 2015

How is summer almost over?

How is summer almost over?! I go back to school on Tuesday. We have superintendent's conference day, which consists of a breakfast at the high school followed by the welcome back, then department meetings at school, then lunch/time to work in our classrooms followed lastly by a faculty meeting. Kids come Wednesday. Am I ready? NO! 

I am only teaching my French 6 class which is every other day because enrollment went down and I don't have my Spanish classes. At least they have me as a TA the rest of the day and I still have my health insurance! That's like golden. Plus, my department chairperson loves me and is trying to keep me there so there's that and my principal& assistant principal love me. I am sticking around and hopefully will have more classes the following year. Not that I am not actively looking because I am (and the only thing I got was an interview for a TA in the social studies classes at a high school for the ESL students for periods 1-4. No thank you). 

Major bonus is that I have most of my lessons/power points done from last year so it is all about revamping them!

I still need to blog about the last two Stitch Fix boxes because before I know it, I will be getting another one next week! I am so bad about it. Plus I *kinda* threw the cards out that tells you the name and the price of them. Oh well. *Note to self - Blog it as SOON as I get the next one!* (I also kind of wish you could go back to previous fixes on your account and look back at them).

I still need to blog about my trip to Disney with my family but it was fun. And it rained. But then again, it's Florida!

Two weeks after that, I went to Georgia to visit my best friend Stephanie! We met in French class in college, were roommates sophomore year and it has been oodles of fun ever since. I am  a bridesmaid in her wedding next October. 

After the fiasco it took to get there (having a 6 hour layover in Baltimore, MD because there were mechanical issues with the plane and having to wait for a new one to come back from Jamaica), we were kind of lazy on Friday. David, Stephanie's fiance, took us to this Korean BBQ restaurant because he was insistent on getting me to try it. As I am getting older, I find myself willing to try new things. It was okay. Later that night we went to a comedy show at the Atlanta Improv and saw Chris D'Elia. It was awesome! Minus the girl that sat behind David, laughed/clapped at the wrong time, fell over on TOP of her chair at one point because she was drunk, and then fell asleep.

Saturday when I was down visiting Stephanie, we went out on her parents boat on Lake Lanier. So much fun! That night we had pizza and hung out at her parents house playing this card game, Phase 10. It took me forever to get the concept of it but I ended up winning!! Sunday, we went to the movies, the mall, Walmart for things for dinner and just watched The Sopranos. Monday night I went home. It was a short but sweet visit and I am so glad I got to see her! 

I think it is time to go get my car washed considering I have been trying to do it since *June*! 

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  1. Isn't it crazy how time is flying?! Sheesh!
    So, did you get your car washed? :) The only reason mine gets washed is because my husband takes care of it for me (after expressing his frustration that I never get it done, HA!!)