Friday, February 20, 2015

Winter vacation!

Wow, half of February, or rather more than half of February, is over. I am on the last day of winter break (well really not but I am working all of tomorrow and Sunday). Life has been so crazy but I am thankful to have had this week off to regain some control/stability in my routine.

January 30 I ended my HS leave and while I will definitely miss that extra money and the people I worked with, I won't miss the kids! HA! They reaffirmed my faith that I want to be teaching in a middle school setting. The teacher came back on February 2nd and that is when I went back to my normal routine. Oh how I missed it. I get SO much work done in the morning while in the testing room (I sometimes feel guilty and only do one of my powerpoints at home because I know I can do the other at school).

February 2nd is also the day that I decided I need to buy a car with all wheel drive. We were suppose to have a snowy/icey mix storm and it took me 2.5 hours to get home. As soon as my 9th period class left, I got out of the building as fast as I could. They had all the bussers in one location and the walkers in another location. I really love that our principal lets the staff that lives so far away go home asap when its bad weather. I drove 10 MPH all the way home in my Corolla. The roads were fine the next morning but on the way home, they were horrible. I have been talking about getting a new car this summer. My car is 11 years old and has almost 150,000 miles on it. While it is built to last, I want something with AWD if I have to commute so far in the winter. I am looking into the Honda C-RV, Nissan Murano, Nissan Rouge and possibly the Toyota Rav-4. I kind of like the Honda CR-V in this color. As soon as I know my status for school next year (May or June), I am going to start shopping.

On Wednesday, my mom and I went into NYC for my birthday present. All I wanted was to see Aladdin on Broadway (my birthday was back in November). Since I had off this week, we went for a 2pm show. It was FANTASTIC!! The guy who played the Genie was hilarious. It made me want to go watch Aladdin on DVD (I may have to buy the updated version when it is released from the vault in October) afterwards since Robin Williams will always be the #1 genie to me.

Then yesterday, I had a day of beauty for myself. And chopped my hair off!! I have not cut or colored my hair since May 2014! I am not one of those people who obsess about their hair. I saw a cut on pinterest I liked and showed it to Trish. She was amazing and this is the end result:

I also got my second Stitch Fix in the mail and have to blog about both of them! I am excited because I liked the pieces more this time and this day in the month has become my favorite mail day!! I will have to share that later as we are shortly going out to dinner for my brother Scott's birthday.

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  1. We're supposed to get a snowstorm tomorrow so I'm about to understand how my family on the east coast feels. Also, I have big plans to get my hair cut as soon as I have a snow-free weekend.
    It's nice that you get winter break...our spring break is in T-minus 4 weeks...