Monday, December 22, 2014

Winterize Your Nails - Julep

I was contacted by Julep about sharing how I "winterize" my nails. I thought this was a unique idea and something fun to participate in in the blogging community, since I have an obsession with nail polishes.

For one, I have been getting my nails done for 5 years. My mom took me one day as she was getting hers done and I have been going every since. I find that my "me time" and enjoy the hour or so I am there.

So, how do I winterize my nails?

I always tend to keep my nails as short as possible. My nails are not my "actual" nails but rather tips. I like keeping them as short as possible since I work with my hands a lot in the restaurant on the weekends and every once in awhile I am bound to stub my hand and one will scratch. I like getting them done at least every two weeks so if I keep them super short, it allows me to go sometimes a week longer and prevents them from breaking (this wasn't the case this time with my thumb nail to be honest).

Plus in the winter in New York, I am bound to be shoveling snow at some point so I do not want one to break while shoveling! :)

Since I don't actually do my nails myself (I have tried...the painting experience looks like a kindergarten was finger painting on my nails), I don't push back my cuticles. However to me, small (or no) cuticles are better because it lasts longer and looks nicer! Having the cuticles pushed back when I get my nails done at the salon also makes me feel like my paint job lasts longer (and looks nicer!).

Then I have them buff my nails. To make them look as natural as possible.

After that, I use some sort of moisturizing lotion to make sure my nails are super soft. I try to keep my hands looking soft all winter so my nails look super nice!

Now, how do I choose my color in an array of the world where there are enough nail polishes I could paint each nail (and toe) a different color?!

Well, Julep had sent me this color pallet as an inspiration.

Personally, I always choose my color first (sometimes even based on the name of the polish) before I get my nails done. I went with the color "Joanne" for inspiration as it was a more deep red color. I would wear the lighter shades in the summer. I like wearing something a little darker in the winter. It pops against the dreary weather! However, being that it is the holiday season, I wanted something red but not super dark (however, in the family of a dark red if you catch my vibe). Next time I get my nails done, I might go with "Joanne" again or Sawyer. Ilsa is too dark of a black color polish for me and I stick with deep plums, deep/dark reds, dark grays for the winter.

What does the end result look like?

I personally think it is a great color. Hands don't look like they have been through the ringer and I got compliments on it at school/work after I had them done. The red makes everything pop in a dreary, cold winter.

I plan on exploring all the polishes Julep has to offer and maybe finding a hidden new favorite I had no idea about.

So, how do you winterize your nails and make them pop in a winter? A light color? A dark color? French? A design? Share with me!

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