Wednesday, December 28, 2016

[2016 - A Year's Recap]

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is enjoying Hanukkah (if you celebrate it). I worked until Friday and started off my winter break with the stomach virus. I had it on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I barely wanted to open gifts. So let's just say I hope Christmas 2017 is better!

I can hardly believe that on Sunday, it will be January 1, 2017!!! I always say some regards, the year flew by and in other aspects, it dragged on.

But here's a recap of some fun things that happened in 2016!

I always feel like I am going to kick off the new year with a bang but I was trying REALLY hard to think back of what I did in January.

-I did a lot of work at the restaurant. One night before we went back to school, my co-workers and I all went out for a good night. #somuchfun

My nephew was featured in our local paper! They do a thing with local elementary schools (and sometimes middle schools) called Kidsay and they do reporting.

-Spent a snow day from school [and work] snuggling with my dog Lily

-Had another snow day from school when we were suppose to do the foreign language presentation at the elementary schools. There's something about just staying in PJs all day that I love.

-Retook the French CST again....something I still had to redo this upcoming year. #mustregistersoon

-Chaperoned a field trip with 35 7th &8th graders with my fellow French teacher/friend Ronny, Tom and Andrew. We took a coach bus to Quebec and did SO much in four days! One of my favorite parts of 2016!

We went on a toboggan the first night. You had to drag it all the way up that hill and then you went down, holding on to the person in front of you. So thrilling!

Two crazy French teachers and 35 students!

We went to an ice hotel that they rebuild each year! 

Went snow tubing! 

Dog sledding! This was something I can check off my bucket list!

Literally two days after I got back from Canada, I left for my best friend's wedding in Disney!

My best friend. <3

So privileged to be her maid of honor!

-Made a video project of my students in French doing weather reports in the target 6th grade! My principal, assistant principal, foreign language director, district superintendent all LOVED it. [I want to do it again this year but they're kind of a rowdy bunch....]

-Celebrated my niece Emma's 7th birthday!

-Sliced my toe open at the restaurant and they had to send me in an ambulance to the hospital. Got 4 stitches in my toe. Thankfully my coworker Bryan [on his second to last day working there] was an EMT! 

-Went to a Mets Game on my spring break with a bunch of coworkers!

-Celebrated my coworker Valentina's birthday by doing the Color Run at Citi Field! So much fun!

The beginning of June was kicked off by jetting off to New Mexico for Heather's bachelorette party & wedding! It was fun exploring out there!

Albuquerque Zoo while we waited for our flight home!

-Retirement party for our two secretaries at school with some awesome coworkers

-My cousin David & his wife Stephanie asked me to be their son Lincoln's godmother. This baby boy was born at 23 weeks and 6 days (originally due 12/25/15). He is a miracle man!

-Took a Google Certification Class [15 hours] my first week of summer vacation and became a certified Google Educator! :-D


My niece's Emma & Sara had their dance recital! They did a fantastic job!

Went to see the Broadway play "The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Nighttime" with some fellow teachers!

We also had Olivia's bridal shower. We did a tropical theme!

I also lost my friend Pete this friend Amanda's fiance. This broke her heart and mine to see her like that. I know he is watching over us in heaven.


-A few days after Olivia's shower, we jetted off on her bachelorette cruise to the Bahamas! Loved spending time with my ladies! <3

-Flew down to Georgia to go to my college BFF/roomie's bachelorette party & bridal shower!

-Started year three of teaching! And really thought of when I should get my act together to pass that French CST [I probably should go study for that now]

-I joined Orange Theory Fitness. My old assistant manager, Alyssa, who used to work with me at CPK and her husband, Nick, opened one up near me. Well, its by the mall but closer than the other locations. I did the two free week trial and became HOOKED. It's an expensive membership but I love it!


-Stephanie and David got married! I flew to Miami, FL to partake in those wedding festivities!

-Six days later Olivia got married! That was an incredible wedding!


-I chaperoned the high school French club trip to NYC and we went to Madame Tussaud's!

-I turned 30 on November 18th! The day after, Shannon, Amanda and I saw Keith Urban at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn. He was an awesome performer!

-Aside from me turning 30 this month, the biggest highlight was the Gilmore Girls revival!


-I went into the city with my friend Laura (who was a bridesmaid in my best friend April's wedding...and that's how we met!) and we saw the Rockefeller Tree.

-My niece Sara turned 12. OMG next year she is going to be a TEENAGER!

-I chopped my hair off and did highlights. It was WELL overdue. Like a year and a half over due.

-Went to my FIFTH wedding of 2016!! I was in three this year and attended two. My friend Jeannette got married in Philadelphia!

I don't have any pictures from Christmas this year because I got the stomach virus Christmas Eve and was sick until the morning after Christmas. Boo!

While there are still a few days left in 2016, I feel like it was a crazy, but wonderful year filled with love! I watched 5 friends marry the loves of their lives. I have another friend getting married next August in Wisconsin (we get to explore that state AND Illinois because we are flying to Chicago!). It was a wonderful year, despite some downs. 

As any person does, I make "resolutions" or "hopes" as I rather like to call them for the next year. I plan on sharing those in a few days! 

Enjoy the end of 2016, everyone!